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My name is Roger Yang [楊承翰], I am an American Born Chinese person who has grown into adulthood within Southern California, and currently I'm over 40 years old. This site has been built using Sites from Google Workspace, to act as the front door of my digital presence. I'm an active social media influencer, communicate & learn rapidly, and try to be well-organized. I am entrepreneurial and dynamic, so after working in the corporate world for an extended period, I founded Skylight Partners as my first company. As an independent business owner and solopreneur, I've since founded separate companies, they are linked on the menu and are also viewable on Roger Yang's LinkedIn Profile. Hopefully these webpages will make your time on the internet that much easier and fun. Lastly, I am always open to collaboration across common ground. Thanks for your time and attention. Enjoy. 😎

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I Have Volunteered as a Stem Cell Donor

Roger Yang matched and donated stem cells via Filgrastim and plasmapheresis circa 2002. I was recruited by Asians for Miracle Marrow Matches (A3M) at University of California, Irvine.

September 17 is World Marrow Donor Day.