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This site was created using Sites from Google Workspace. I use other website development platforms as well, like Wordpress, Weebly, and other WYSIWYG Code Editors. Google Sites is quick to use if you have a Google Account, and if you link it with Google Drive then images and files can be exchanged easily. Google Sheets is also powerful for collaborating on spreadsheets online, has extensions, and can be programmed for automation or business process improvement purposes. Google Sites and Google Sheets are included for free with Google Workspace.

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Through the Google Workspace Referral Program, I can also share promotional codes, which may only be redeemed once (!). Message me if the code doesn't work, and I can request additional ones.

Google Workspace Business Starter: Promotion code for the Americas   |  Expires 12/2023


Google Workspace Business Standard: Promotion code for the Americas   |  Expires 12/2023


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